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Kapow and Carolyn win Training level Area VII Championships
Devin's teaching philosophy is simple. "I help riders achieve their goals, whether they want to compete or just improve position and clarify aids.  I enjoy teaching a horse through their rider, keeping instrution simple and clear, yet effective.  When riders know what aids to use to produce the best ride and correct any problems that arise, it builds both the horse and rider's confidence and skill.
Jo and Traveller competing at Preliminary
Blue Rider Farm offers lessons in eventing, dressage, and jumping.  Haul-in lessons are welcome. Our facilities include an indoor with large mirrors, all weather outdoor, a grass competition dressage arena, and a small cross country course to school through Novice/Training.  Devin is available for coaching at recognized events and schooling shows, or a clinic at your facility. please contact her for pricing and availability. 


Beemer showing Prix St. Georges. Three yr old ottb to upper level eventer to FEI dressage.

Devin believes horses respond best to praise."As I train, I am always looking for for ways to reward them.  I keep aids clear, requests simple and direct, and above all, consistent.  I  build them from the basics up, always keeping in mind their intended use and the strenghts of their rider." Contact Devin if you are interested in putting your horse in training, listing it for sale, or want an evaluation of it's suitablility for your purpose. She has started many young and green horses, creating correct and successful eventers, dressage horses, and all around horses for pleasure.

Fees in Eugene, OR:

45 minute private lesson at Blue Rider Farm: $65, 1 hour: $80

Semi privates and groups at Blue Rider Farm:  $55 per rider

Coaching at schooling shows: $50

Four days of coaching at recognized events: $250.00

Haul in Training rides: $65

Per hour fee for trainer: $80

School horse *Not Currently Available*

Clinics and off site lessons dependent on travel time and expense.

All cancellations require a 24 hour notice. Regular cancellations will lose grace period.

Contact Devin at

Blue Rider Farm
34817 Matthews Rd
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Phone: 541 517 5755 541 517 5755

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