Blue Rider Farm is located in Eugene, OR. The small private facility specializes in instruction, training, and coaching at Events.  Horses are also offered for sale and there is horse boarding for riders interested in being part of the program at Blue Rider.  Devin Robel is the owner and trainer.

"I have been riding for 30 years, and have been competing in Eventing for 19 years. I have ridden through the Intermediate level, as well as FEI level international one and two star events. I clinic every year with top riders such as Will Coleman, Leslie Law, John Williams, Boyd Martin, Buck Davidson, Ian Stark, and Kevin Freeman.  I take lessons with local trainers to improve my skills and broaden my teaching techniques. I really enjoy teaching, and often take the time during my own riding to examine exactly what I am doing to better communicate it to my students.  My goal is to help them learn the right way the first time, and not waste time learning habits they will need to unlearn." 


Manxome, aka "Batey" jumps the ditch and wall combination at the CIC** at The Event at Rebecca Farm, 2012 to finish double clear cross country & place 2nd.